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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Shoes


Written by: Maurizka Ardea N. P

                   Satria T . V. A

There is a a poor boy who wears a pair of broken shoes in a park. When he walks around the park, he meets a rich kid who wears a pair of good shoes. The poor boy gets away from the rich kid, feeling jealous. He wishes that he can be the rich kid so that he can wear good shoes. A miracle happens. The poor kid becomes the rich kid, and vice versa. But then the rich kid realizes the fate of the rcih kid. He cannot walk. He is very shocked, but the rcih kid is very excited because he can run even though he wears ugly shoes

Morale of the story:
·         We should be grateful for what we have because there are many other people who are under us and they want to be like us.
·         Expectation is always same with reality.
·         Don’t judge someone from the outside

The story was taken from the following video

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Spirit That Never Ends


Written by Farra

Higher intermediate 2/ 2016

My sister was a skilled young gymnast. Too bad that her injury when she was twelve years old made her unable to do gymnastics anymore. I still remember how bad her injury was. When she fell from the gymnastic pole, she screamed so hard that everyone had to look at what happened. Bad choice. It was such a frightening sight that some people always vomited at the sight of it. Apparently, she landed on her arms when she fell and she fractured both of her arms. She was then taken to the hospital while in unconscious. Unfortunately, the road to the hospital was still under construction because of last week's earthquake. They had to take another route that was 5 km farther. Because it's the only route left to go downtown, my sister ambulance was trapped in a traffic jam. One and a half hour later, they arrived in the hospital and my sister was immediately taken to surgery room. The doctors were able to save sister's live, but her hands were already dead and had to be amputated. My sister was really depressed after that. But fortunately, she was able to adapt and cope with her disability. She  already had more than enough knowledge about gymnastic before the accident happened and she decided to share her knowledge by publishing a book called "Gymnastic for Amateurs". She also became a motivational speaker in a famous university in my city.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The new Korean Restaurant


Written by Salsabella
Higher Intermediate 2/ 2016

Eating at a seafood restaurant near my house was quite an experience. I went to the restaurant two weeks ago along with my cousin. It was her treat, so she let me choose the menu to my heart content.

To be honest, I was kind of afraid to choose a new menu from a restaurant I've never been to. Bu since my cousin was gonna pay the food, I chose the menu which was not really expensive, but looked unique. I chose seafood sukiyaki with samgaetang (Korean dish) soup.

When the food was served, both of us were surprised. There were squids, octopus, shrimps, fish cakes, oysters, sea squirt and abalone. But the big octopus in the middle of the pot was still alive. The others were still fresh. Were wondering how to eat them.

Right after that, a waitress came with a table stove and a big bowl full of soup. She turned on the stove, put the bowl above it and put all the ingredients inside. As soon as the soup boiled, the octopus died. We cut its tentacles using scissors. This perhaps sounds cruel, but this is how Korean people eat seafood suki.

Friday, November 18, 2016



By Rafida Khairani
Intermediate 1/ 2016
Karimunjawa Island is an island which has ecological function as a mangrove conservation area. First, total of 300 ha of mangrove forest covers the national park. It has more than 30 species of mangrove. Not only mangrove forest, it also provides habitat to some endemic species including the mythical Dewandaru tree, Setigi, and Kalimasada. So, Karimunjawa has declared as one of the priority areas for the marine conservations biodiversity in Southeast Asia. Second, local people have unique treatment methods. They generally believe that the wood of the endemic dewandaru tree has a legendary power of curing diseases or snake bite wound, protecting houses from thieves, or prolonging life. Visitors may seem herbal treatment from the local people. Third, tourists will be served a beautiful journey in Karimunjawa mangrove forest. In fact, the tourists are allowed to participate reforestation mangrove areas. Moreover, along the thick mangrove forest, thery will be able to take a rest at a beautiful beach. But, tourists are forbidden to visit two zones which are places to do some researches. There are sanctuary zones and wilderness zone. In summary, Karimunjawa is not just a beach. It has a beautiful mangrove forest which is interesting to explore..

Monday, November 7, 2016

Religion Makes Children Less Altruistic


Written by Farra Fiessta Bhumi Gathary
Higher Intermediate 2/ 2016

According to a new study, religious people are less altruistic and meaner than secular people. The man’s reason for this theory is that secular people are more likely to be concerned about what other people are thinking of them. This happens because of the in-group out-group mentality. Secular people often think that because they’re not in particular religion, other people will judge them harshly because they belong in their group (religion). His other reason stated that secular children were taught to do things for the sake of doing it. Meanwhile, children that were in a religious family were taught to do good things because if they don’t, they will be tortured forever after they die. Secular children were taught to do good deeds because it is correct, because religious people were threatened to do good deeds.

In my opinion, that is true. Religious people tend to be meaner towards people who have different beliefs from them. Take an example from Indonesians. Indonesians are really strict with beliefs. They often can’t accept something that is against their belief. Take a homosexual matter as an example. Most religions are against the same sex sexual orientation. Most Indonesians are religious and they mostly don’t want to open their mind to that matter. Why? Wouldn’t it be just easier if they just support the gay rights? It’s not like they’ll turn to gay, too if they support gay rights. That’s why I agree with the man’s opinion. I think it is because religious people are too strict with their beliefs.

The writing is based on the following video about Altruism:

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