LIA Semarang Candi Anniversary

LIA Semarang Candi Anniversary

A Communicative Activity in a Conversation Class

A Communicative Activity in a Conversation Class

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

14022 (A Chain Story)


By all students from ET 12
Term 3/ 2016

Mandy doesn’t look back though she feels that someone is following her in the dark alley. She hears voice behind her. She tries to look back but she’s afraid. She decides to call 14022 to ask some help. But nobody answers. Then, she looks at the signal in her smartphone. It turns out that there’s no signal. After that she decides to slither slowly and tries to hide behind a garbage bin. Because it not fit for her, she decides to hide in a cupboard. When she walks towards the cupboard, the TV above her suddenly is turned on by itself. There is a CherryBell advertisement on TV. She tries to follow Cherrybell’s dance in order to lose her fear. But then suddenly, the TV is turned off by itself. This time, lamp is off, too. She’s terrified when she hears a girl’s laughing behind her. She grabs anything near her and finds a candle. Before she has a chance to light it up, something or someone touches her shoulder. Standing like a statue, she turns her head around. Her jaw drops seeing what’s in front her….

Someone in The Dark

Mandy doesn’t look back though she feels that someone is following her in the dark alley. She holds a flashlight while she is walking. She feels really scared especially when she hears a creaking sound from the door behind her. She remembers what the rumors said about this place. She turns around to check what sound it is but she doesn’t find anything. Hurriedly, she arrives home safely. But then she realizes that she is home alone. Suddenly she hears a knocking at her door. She is shocked but her mind is full of questions, curious about what or who behind the door. With her little gut, he tries to get closer to the door. Slowly, she opens the door, but there is no one standing there. Then she closes the door. She decides to go into her bedroom. Her heart almost skips when her phone is ringing. She picks up the phone and tries to listen to the caller. But she only hears the sound of creaking door. She starts to have goosebumps. Suddenly she feels someone touching her shoulder. When trying to turn around, she couldn’t see anything. The next thing she knows; she finds herself in a hospital…

Hammer Man

Mandy doesn’t look back though she feels that someone is following her in the dark alley. “Tok…tok…tok…” Mandy hears the sound similar to the sound of a hammer. She starts to get scared as she remembers that it is already midnight. It seems impossible someone renovates a house in the midnight. Moreover, she walks all by herself. Finally, she encourages herself to look back and checks what is going on. But, when she turns around, the sound stops suddenly. Her eyes squint all over places. They catch a glimpse of someone carrying a hammer. His face is full of blood. She screams with all her might and runs as fast as she can. The man’s steps stomp behind her as he follows her. Mandy doesn’t stop running. She sees light at the end of the alley. She runs into it, hoping there will be someone who can help. When she gets there, she stops for a while to control her breath. She looks back and finds that the man has disappeared. There is relief in her heart, but then she hears swooshing sound right behind her….

Monday, September 12, 2016

Academic Writing Placement Test


Academic Writing Placement Test

In conjunction with the agreement between LBPP LIA Semarang Candi and Faculty of Social Studies of Semarang State University of Semarang (UNNES) about Academic Writing training for the faculty members, the following post intends to give a placement test of some sort to measure the competences of Academic Writing of the program takers.
Click the button below to take test. Good luck!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Don’t make you suffer by yourself

(picture from Google)

by Fikri

Someday, someone lives in a hut in the middle of the forest named Arc. Arc likes hunting to feed himself and swim above the waterfall. But, it will not happen … again. Witch from Black Kingdom came to the forest and make it die. Now the forest is black and there is no life signal. Just Arc.
Then The Witch curses the forest and makes the people (before cursed) to be her followers. The mushroom become big and evil, and many, many evil in there. Arc who just one and only live in there, doesn’t know how to flee from the curse, and how to make it ‘life’ again. Arc thinks he will relive it with one solution: kill the witch.
Before he kills the witch, Arc hunts birds, wolves, and mushrooms that are not cursed. In one month, Arc can build a Kingdom. His followers are truants (?) (from tree that gives potion) with living sword. Arc plans that day to revenge the forest.
But the witch just intrudes the Arc kingdom. Arc and his army cannot refuse to defend his Kingdom.
“But they have many armies before us!”
“Don’t worry, we will win this battle”

Because of the support from Arc. The Treants army have spirited fight to win the battle. In a year, the battle is not over yet. The two sides, The Witch Army and Arc Army run out of the food and they all become angry and become cannibal. There are two people left after the Cannibalism Arc and The Witch.
“F*CK you ugly WITCH!”
“And then …?”
“I will kill you now!”
It’s a very intense fight between Arc and The Witch.
“I will put you to this Magic Ball!”
“But … NO!!”
And then Arc put into Magic Ball.
“At last I win!! Hahahahah …!”

The Witch feels so happy and she laughs very loudly. Time by time the laugh of The Witch makes her suffer and die.

Monday, July 11, 2016


pic source Google 

by Angel Debora

‘We don’t want you to be that kind of boy, Louis.’ Mother says. ’But why, Mom?’ Louis asks. Mother doesn’t answer. ‘You prohibit me to reach my goals but you don’t tell me the reason. That’s just so rude, Mom.’ Louis says. ‘Sadly, I’m not rude, Louis. You just don’t understand.’ Mother says. ‘Tell me then.’ Louis shouts. She looks surprised of the way he says and then she starts to cry. He regrets what he does to his mom and then leaves the room.

While Louis is walking to his bedroom, he stops in front of his parents’ bedroom’s door which is open. He enters the bedroom. He sees old newspaper on the bed. He’s curious about it. So, he reads it and he gets shocked for what he sees. He reads that “A 17-year-old boy was killed while he was throwing a Rock n Roll concert.’

‘What are you doing, Louis?’ mother asks shockingly. ‘I – I – I’m so sorry, Mom, I mustn’t yell at you.’ Louis says guiltily. ‘It’s okay, sweetheart. I mustn’t prohibit you too. You can reach your goals, I will support you, love.’ Mother says happily. ‘Really?’ he says surprisingly. ‘Definitely, yes. ’Father says happily. Many years later, Louis and his band becomes the most famous band in the world.

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